Plants all over the world are growing and producing living agents that help benefit the life of the plant as well as benefit us if we utilize it. Agents/substances that deter viruses, bacteria or parasites that would hurt the plant. Agents and substances that make predators of any kind (worms, insects, rabbits etc..) avoid the plant. Agents/substances that attract other living life forms (good bacteria, butter flies or bees to pollinate, or any other natural being to help it's existence). These substances are built on the Hydrocarbon- Oxygenated format. Meaning these oils are basically 99% Hydrogen, carbon and oxygen molecules. These fundamental units or functional groups of these elements are the majority of who and what we are from a chemical standpoint.

These agents (chemical components) are what we are going to utilize from the plant to better help our existence. Detoxifying qualities/agents of these oils. Preventive nature of fighting virus, bacteria and fungi. The essence nature of smelling good to uplift our moods or attract feelings/people we enjoy. Like the butterfly we want near us or the ass hole we want far from us. Each plant has varying properties. Some attract, some avoid, some balance, some help communicate signals and so forth. Our job with help of science is to better understand how these mechanisms built right into plants react with and similarly affect our bodies.​​


USAGES- What and How oils can be used for!

With some basic knowledge of physiology, biology, chemistry, wholistic philosophies and other healing practices many conditions can be modified with daily hygiene practices using oils:

  • Respiratory conditions/concerns- colds, bronchial infections, asthma, allergies
  • Cardio/lymph vascular issues- circulatory blood/fluid transport (immune, blood vessel dilation-constriction elements
  • Infections (virus, bacteria, fungal, parasitic)-hepatitis, herpes, strep, candida, urinary tract infections, foot fungus, gastrointestinal infections
  • Skin conditions- rejuvenating qualities range from dry, old, damaged, burns, rashes 
  • Nervous conditions- anxiety, neurotransmitters, depression, autonomic and central nervous mechanisms which are suppressed or exaggerated by neurotransmitters
  • Multiple system malfunction studies- pycho-neuro-immunology, pycho-neuro-endocrinology, other mind-body-brain connections
  • Digestive and Liver conditions- pancreatic enzymes, fight bacteria in digestive system without killing good beneficial bacterias
  • Every day life style issues: including hygiene (skin, mouth, digestive disorders, etc), inside air quality, cleaning and keeping inside environment free of infectious agents