Essential oils are derived from plants and carry the aromatic character of the plant. This character, smell, essence of the plant is what is recognizable to our (human) senses. The small molecules that make up the plant is what allows the varying ability to travel through air, skin and blood. These small oil molecules are part of the plants defense system. Plants can't run away from predators (animal, bacteria, viral etc....). Plants over many, many years have developed defensive, reproductive and communicating mechanisms within the oils, interacting within the plants structure as well as outside sources like organisms including viruses, bacteria, bugs, animals and humans. These components of molecules that make up the essential oils are basic elemental units in all living forms and parts of living processes and systems. Be it digestive, hormone and probably revealed in progressive research all other systems or regulating factors of our bodies in some way or another. These small building blocks of nature or life (hydrogen, carbon and oxygen) is what transfers/travels through our bodies and even air itself. 

         There is much to study, learn, utilize and realize from plants. We as humans have utilized their essence, chemical constituents and nourishment since dawn of day. Our bodies over this long period of time has adapted and become what they are today in large part because of this essence within plants. We have used them to nourish our bodies and used the same chemicals they produce to ward off bacterias, viruses and other small organisms that do not agree with our structures (bodies). Much study has gone into the usefulness or effectness of essential oils. Whether you need proof or already accept the common sense nature that we need plants to survive and have used them to survive for however long we humans have been around. The indepth study of these plants constituents for me isn't a proof process. You don't have to sell me on the idea plants are important in many of our survival needs ( again fighting bacteria, viruses, better hormonal communication processes in our own bodies and anything other direct body survival mechanism you want to throw in there). The studies are to see how we can even more effectively utilize and appreciate these substances.

​       I won't write the whole book format here but will gladly provide it in other format. I will quickly round up some concepts and hopefully create common ground sense so people will continue to and better utilize the growing gifts from earth. Sometimes medicine is slow and cumbersome. That is both our faults for making medicine accountable and medicine making us dependent. Reverse that statement around and it makes more sense. We are the ones with accountablity for our own health and medicine is dependent on us to bring our money to it. Make no bones about it. So don't wait for medicine to prove it's ok to use plants for our health. That wheel was invented many many many moons ago. 

     Phyto-nutrients are nutrients from plants (phyto). The science is in the process of detailing and proving this already known fact. This will be helpful for many individual and specific conditions. Medicine is waiting for these results. Don't wait for the medicine industry to prescribe this information to you. Be proactive and preventive with the knowledge that plants and it's constituents (essential oils) are beneficial to us. There are various plants with varying properties that fit the healing needs of most all our conditions. The faster we realize this and proactively use that knowledge the better most of our ailments will be taking care of. I'm not preaching, i'm reminding you what you already know. Maybe some of the information provided here will directly benefit you. The rest is up to you to add your own proactiveness and find out what can directly benefit you. 

Essential Oils and Phytonutrients