Foundational Skills

  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Length
  • Alignment
  • Mobility
  • Core
  • Center
  • Breathe Awareness
  • States of Mind/Body

‚ÄčThese foundation skills or attributes can be worked on and enhanced through exercise. These attributes and skills are what allow you to feel better or perform activities you desire to perform.


I view and teach fitness with 3 main themes in mind -

  • Prevent or Alleviate Injury and Ailments
  • Promote Optimum Life Fitness
  • Enhance Performance

‚ÄčIn these themes a strong emphasize is placed on feeling better and/or keeping yourself feeling good whichever is appropriate for the individual at the time. Feeling good is something worth while for me to help someone with. Once that is determined then reaching individual goals can be accomplished. As a fitness therapist/instructor I'm here to give you the tools. You chose what you want to build. I'm not big on esthetics. What people look like is a perspective that we might or might not share. Feeling good, performing exercise to relieve pain or building a foundation is something I'm more interested in agreeing with you on!

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