Golf Fitness


Golf especially when related through fitness brings about various ideas, opinions and concepts. Golf - can be fun, leisurely, competitive, serious or all these to an individual. Fitness - could mean what someone looks like, physical shape, mental awareness or measurements of vital organs or again all of these. My biggest challenge is to figure out where a certain person is in their concept stage of these two elements (golf & fitness) and get them closer to that physical idea through systems of I exercise I know.

Someone might need to be schooled on the golf swing. Another thinks he is out of shape and this is his last ditch to see if he can still play. Others might have too much motivation and not enough listening skills. Most don't have a real grasp of what the body is doing to perform a golf swing. Hopefully some of what you see on this site will enhance your fitness or at least your golf swing. Maybe even SEEK more help if needed.