Is it pain you want to get rid of, stress you want to control, performance you want to manage or just want to feel good-cuz!

There are also many different people who have different perspectives as well as different ailments. Each one provides me with opportunity and each one brings there own perspective to work with. Whether it be your job, age, lifestyle or own energy that brings you to massage/exercise. Lets facilitate the end goal! Helping, maintaining or bringing about positive change for you!

Each method or form of massage has a basic shared concept. To utilize physical touch to help other individuals with existing ailments or conditions! Whether it be a headache, sore back, tired legs, organ functioning, blood flow or more likely a combination of all to some extent!

THere are various forms and strategies to massage therapy!

Alignment, Structure & Function

A shared philosophy of many bodywork systems is centered around alignment, structure and function!
Something I concentrate on through my work is the center. Your physical center (core) and how this area affects and/or is affected by outside sources. Through my body work and fitness practices I impart as much knowledge as necessary on how this region plays a role in physical structure, stress, function and posture as well as important organ activity. Much can be taught and learnt with this in mind!

​ Myomassology is a type of massage which integrates massage techniques from many different disciplines. In addition to bodywork techniques, myomassology also integrates energy work and alternative medical treatments, along with nutritional and physical education. Each myomassologist approaches the technique slightly differently, customizing treatment for the patient to ensure that he or she receives the best care possible. The term was first used by Irene Gauthier, one of the founders of this approach to massage. This style of massage was a natural outgrowth of Swedish style massage which developed in the 1970s. Massage therapists who learned the basic Swedish technique sometimes wanted to offer more to their clients, and they started integrating techniques from other disciplines. Over time, an all-encompassing style of massage which came to be known as myomassology arose. Numerous massage schools offer training in myomassology, and therapists can also pursue training independently. Pretty much any massage style is acceptable in myomassology. In addition to Swedish, most therapists also offer deep tissue, reflexology, and craniosacral massage, along with energy work techniques such as reiki and aromatherapy. The massage therapist may include nutrition education, movement work like yoga, and various herbal remedies in the treatment, although the provision of nutritional information is restricted by law in some regions.

​Some common or maybe uncommon terms associated with techniques I utilize in my massage practice:

       Deep Tissue                            AIS Stretching

       Sports Massage                      Fascial Release

       Thai                                          Functional Patterning

       Myoskeletal Alignment          Swedish