Essential - something you need! 

Oil - Lipid, doesn't dissolve in water!

     Whether these two definitions are too simple or maybe just taken for granted. I would like to express the importance of and need for oils in plants. These oils are building blocks and agents of interaction with other substances in plants to make them grow and survive. These similar characteristics in and of plants are are necessary for people or other living bodies as well. Certain chemicals reactions (interactions) take place all the time in living structures (plants, people, animals and other living micro-organisms - bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi). We need these reactions. Like we need the sun, shelter, food and even emotional relationships. These are essential. Take any of these away and our lives start to deminish. It is easy to take this for granted or start to forget the little things. In this case the little things are not so little but what we tend to neglect, take for granted or sorta forget about. Our essential priorities get rearranged at times in our ever changing worlds.

   Science and medicine are slow and probably will remain behind the ball when trying to prove smell or the action of breathing. Smell and breathe is much more subjective in ways in which measuring blood levels or cholesterol readings is hard data. Research and data are great. But when that is all you rely on you get our (U.S.) current medical world. Which alone is no good. Anything alone in this world will have some pretty big challenges. When the bottom line is money, it is called business. When the bottom line is health and wellness it is called medicine. I understand the need for business in our society and even big business. The world is big. We have many people. People need jobs. When you go to hospital you are paying salaries for lots of people which is a great concept. Maybe a little alarming but still very democratic, republican or whatever spectrum you are on. People and their ideas sometimes get in the way. Whether it be a stupid hard headed republican idea (which there are many), some fucked up democratic notion (the list goes on) or even some independent, labor, green, libertarian fill in the blank that no one gives a shit about. Even our individual makeup that doesn't like doctors because they are all stuck up money mongers or won't trust chiropractors or think eastern medicine is hocus pocus.

  The fact here remains we get substance and life from plants. Whether it be foods, nutrition, detoxification, micro-organism protection (virus, bacteria etc....) or what have you. We need plants to and for survival. Don't let medicine, science or someone's individual belief or mental askchew take you away from this fact. Medicine might have good intentions, science might help us better understand or utilize plants as food or medicine. Your mom might not like all the social baggage involved in cannabis, your dad might not think plants or vegetables are manly enough, your teacher might not be able to fully explain why we need plants, your doctor might or might not give a shit, your farmer might be bias, your fellow CEO of whatever drug company fill in the blank is too stressed out to read this anyway so don't worry about them. Concern yourself with ideas of nutrition, substance and health that you can derive from life giving forces insides of plants. That is how your and all of our ancestors got us to this point and how we will do the same. Long enough tyriad. If want more express desire in a book I could write!

  We have been using plants for our survival and will continue to do so. These essential oils are direct components of plants. The oil base. Not some scientist making up some chemical compound using medical doctors to justify a profit. Pure plant juice (oil). Which science and medicine know as well as you know is something we need. Don't let science and medicine repackage it and sell it to us for 1000% mark up. Let them provide their societal service and help educate you to make better individual decision for your situation. Not over charge you for bull shit! It takes time to grow, produce and yield good quality plant. It isn't some cheap ass secret formula devised by Coca cola, McDonald's big mac or you name the drug company. Those products are meant to be produced cheap and sold for high profit and health is not top priority in any of those examples. It takes time and money to grow and yield quality produce (plants). It does and will cost money and the only way it will become less expensive is to grow more, provide more quality space and to employ/reward people to do so. Stop paying scientist, doctors, gov't and the business community so much to reinvent the wheel and pay up farmers, distillers, and the like to keep produce or making the wheel (foods, plants etc...) Promise that was last tyrad, preach of this web site on essential oils. Might have some others on similar topics in other format later. Go to BREAKDOWN for some individual help on essential oil usage, application, implementation or better/best ways to take and for why!