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     Various methods and modalities of exercise and massage are utilized in this system to help provide you with knowledge and to service your fitness needs. People have various thoughts and goals of what well being-fitness is to them. What is provided in terms of education or instruction of fitness is based on array of exercise methods, philosophies and concepts. One encompassing strategy that is utilized throughout is a word coined by Irene Gauthier: which means whatever it takes, with what tools necessary!
     Myomassology - the study of various massage techniques as well as integration of physical exercise, energy work, nutritional education and alternative medical treatments encapsulates these many concepts to meet one end goal - well being! 
     The feeling good part of well being is what I'm interested in. Whether it be a form of exercise/massage, vitamins and minerals in your food, oils from plants that provide beneficial antioxidants or positive energy. How can you function and feel your best?

     The objective: through instruction and use of these diverse exercise systems, massage therapy and energy work, as well as some humble starting points to nutritional education and alternative medical treatments, a guidance to optimal life fitness can be maintained!